Thinking about long term care practice - Online CE Using oral care to prevent nonventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia REGISTER TAKE TEST   Using oral care to prevent nonventilator hospital-acquired pneumonia Caries Arrest with  Silver Diamine Fluoride Online CE Available from Decisions in Dentistry:  Covering mechanism of action,  possible clinical uses,  contraindication, and technique. 2 credit hour self-study only $22        Application	Day 1                           Wk 1 Continuing Education available on-line Start your own School-based Sealant Program ADHP training and CE to start your own business in school-based sealant programs. Contact Marie McElderry at 509-420-0884 Dental care is the most common unmet health need. Oral disease can severely affect systemic health. (Institute of Medicine) WAC 246-815-140 Continuing education for dental hygienists

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ADHA Education Oral Care in the Long-Term Care of Older Patients: How Can the Dental Hygienist Meet the Need? An Oral Health Professional’s Guide to Serving Young Children with Special Health Care Needs Register as a member and access popular message boards, and also view and post classified ads, events. Receive free subscription to DentalTown Magazine. for dental providers
Online Courses •	OC1601: Treating Patients with Mild-Moderate Special Needs Online Course, 3 credit hours, $40/person •	OC1602: Bloodborne Pathogens Training Online Course, 2 credit hours, $50/person •	OC1604: Managing and Treating Pregnant Patients, 2 credit hours, $40/person •	OC1605: Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) Dental Coverage, 1 credit hour, free of charge thanks to Washington Dental Service Foundation. •	OC1606: Going to Pot and the Dental Patient – What do I need to know about marijuana that I didn’t (formally) learn about in school? 2 credit hours, $40/person

Continuing Education available on-line

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